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Students playing dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, and eating together. There are some short clips with people smiling or talking together.


Students getting a food from Chinese food, hanging out, dance, couple together, playing game and friend together. 

The Master key to the Heart

Students are dancing, some of them are in the dance battle for winning the prize, playing the game called "Just Dance 2018" with a camera through PS4 and show the foods

DanceFest 2018

DISA Week 2018

Students give a presentation about their experiences. Students are getting a food. Students are eating together. The sideshow shows that students are discussing each other. The poster of Colin Allen appears then disappears. Colin Allen gives a presentation to the audience.

NTID President Gerard Buckley, new RIT Provost Ellen Granberg, and Marguerite Carrillo with new SVP sign for 2018. Video captures people mingling, dancing, and eating. Video of tables with different clubs/organization. A short video clip of people doing the telephone line game and pictures of clubs/organization. 

Apple Festival 2018

Students are mingling, dancing, and eating. Video of tables with delicious food. Video of people play game: play frisbee, uno, playing cards and connect 4. Short video of pictures.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall 2018


Students  are socializing and eat the food. Dance all night. Face painting. People in their costumes. There are many activities like music chairs, romantic couple chair, black box, and more.

Hot Lava Discussion 2018 by SLT’s Step Up

The video fade in, NTID Student Life Team’s intro appears then fade out. Again, fade in, the poster of Hot Lava Discussion appears then disappears. The footage shows short videos different of actions then SLT’s Step Up team has a message then fade out. SLT’s Social Media platforms appear with effect fade out.

Up All Night Event

 Students are socializing, drawing, coloring, friendship bracelet, perler beads, play cards, food breakfast theme. There are many fun like sumo, sticky wall, guess words, dance revolution game.

The Greatest Reason To Get involved

"The Greatest Reason To Get involved: Getting out of your comfort zone, to navigate toward a better YOU!": Student Internship | Co-op Workshop Date: Nov.13,2018 Time: 5:00 PM- 6:30 PM Where: Rochester Institute of Technology Workshop Training: -Developing communication skills -Why having Leadership skill is important? -How can you improve your social skills? -Learning to treat everyone, as if they were your boss!

De-Stress through Art Workshop

Here's the video of De-Stress through Art Workshop last December 5th, 2018.

Video Description: The SLT's intro appears then disappears. The footage shows students and staffs are drawing, chatting and get a food. It fade out then shows the SLT's intro of follow us appears then disappears.

Rise Up Now 2.0

Check this out the video of Rise Up Now 2.0 event hosted by Be Unique Events & Co in Rochester, New York! The event is an opportunity for People of Color Deaf/Hard of Hearing & Hearing small business owners from nationwide to showcase their businesses. This is going to be AMAZING & INSPIRING!

DJ Deaf Tunez

Here's the recap of DJ Deaf Tunez plays music the two events, Rise Up Now 2.0 and Birthday Party in Rochester, New York on the 2nd of February 2019.

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